About Myself

Getting to know your blogger

How I feel

Today when I am finally writing my first blog ever, I feel so humbled and blessed to be able to pursue my passion for sharing knowledge and writing.


First things first, I am in my 30’s,happily married and a mother of two young and handsome boys.I live in Pakistan and for sake of exposure I have travelled to Kuwait, Saudia and UAE apart from visiting many local places in Pakistan.I feel privileged to be a resident of capital city of Pakistan,I.e. Islamabad.This is because this city has provided me with ample opportunities of growth and learning, beautiful weather to enjoy and exposure to life.

Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time.Its about loving what you have and being grateful for it


Educational Background

Basic Qualification

Like many ordinary students in my city ,I did my MBA in HR from a top University in Pakistan with the hope of becoming a successful business lady or may be a high profile professional in a multinational or an INGO.This dream was shattered when I got married soon after completing my degree.

Everything happens for a reason,for experience or a lesson.Nothing is ever wasted because the soul is always gaining insight.

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I was then blessed with my first baby boy.All of a sudden I felt a dramatic change in my likings,aspirations and passions.After my son has turned 12 months old, I realized that my child needs the best of nurturing, education and development opportunities.So, I started my research.I started reading articles,books and blogs online..even brouchers and pamphlets that I received on my Physicians’s clinic.This sparked a knack for learning more about early years, development and learning.

Teaching Qualifications & Experience

Montessori Diploma in Early Years Education

I came across Montessori Methods of teaching and decided to take a course from a local Institute in Islamabad, Diploma in Montessori Methods Of Teaching Age 3-6 years.Here, I got my first qualification in teaching( this is highly acceptable locally)


I began my first job in 2015 in a private school as a Primary English Teacher and worked there for about two years.I got my second job in another prestigious school as a Montessori Directress.It was the inspiring and wonderful experience of working that again sparked my love for learning and I decided to take Cache LEVEL 3 from UAE… And so I did.

Teaching Exposure

While I was taking this NCFE diploma course in early years education,I got employment in a British International School in Dubai.It was the game changer.I learned not only about EYFS framework and national curriculum for England, but about cultural diversity, coping with differences, cross cultural sensitivities,effective communication, policies ,inclusion& SENCO and teamwork.I received immense trainings on professional career development which I miss the most now.

In order to complete working hours with different age groups,I worked as a volunteer in a British Nursery in Dubai.It was a short yet powerful learning journey for me.

Milestone Achieved

I returned to Pakistan after completing my qualification in 2020.Luckily, I got a job in a private institute as a Training and Development Coordinator for a Montessori training institute.It was project based learning experience,where I developed training manuals, prospectus, annual trainings schedule, enrollment form,and other necessary documents in consultation with the school’s chairperson and government bodies.I shared my knowledge with my peers and staff and waved goodbye with heavy heart once the project was complete.

Continuous Professional Development

Online courses

During my last job I took short online courses from i-to-i.com in teaching English to Young learners and TEFL.

Social Media Influence

I started sharing ideas and post on my Facebook page which was my hobby during these years and still now.My Facebook page has a decent fan following of over 500 followers within a short span of time.I request my readers to follow my Facebook page for creative and informative learning ideas for parents and child minders.

My purpose of blogging

The purpose of sharing a detailed background is that my followers feel safe to read, share and follow my blog with the knowledge that the information shared with them is authentic and from a reliable source.Also that it has a variety and quality of content.

Message For My Readers

Last but not least, I strive to share authentic, updated, engaging and informative content,ideas and products/book reads for my readers.I would also appreciate community engagement, so feel free to post comments and reviews.Let me know what is it that I can share on my blogs for your reading and understanding.

Stay happy, keep learning and keep sharing!